Saturday, March 26, 2011

Getting ready for The Ocean

it's amazing how much there is to do to get ready for a trip this big! I keep driving around thinking how much I'll miss my routines but then I remind myself we're coming back! It's weird, I'm starting to appreciate things before I am even living without them. Like long hot showers at the gym, the gym, running to the grocery store to pick up fresh vegetables, fast internet.
I ordered the sat phone a couple of days ago! we will have e mail but it will be short and sweet!
I discovered GRIB files and boy are they fun! It's free weather data, and the one I am using is on Really cool stuff to show you wind speed and direction where ever and whenever you ask it. It shows you the conditions now, and then 3 hours from now and more. I checked out Cape Horn this morning. It was only blowing 12 knots! But it was blowing 59 closer to Antartica.
The grib files are so cool looking , I may have to incorporate some of them into some art someday.


  1. A couple months before my last crossing I decided to stop reading about preparation for a crossing.

    There are endless articles by "must have this writers" (and some who have crossed).

    Not to be reckless but sailors of yore (Knox-Johnston, Blyth, Moitessier, and yes, even Crowhurst) and let's not forget Slocum, sailed about the seas with less equipment than we require for a trip to the supermarket.

  2. is another website that uses grib files, plus adds precipitation and sea temperature. You can also download from a .zip file for faster download of their full files.
    ~Pete C.

  3. An excellent post. I'm glad to see you've mastered the art of blogging.